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Southampton Shows postponed

10 September 2020

STOP PRESS - Boats 2020 and Ocean Village Boat Show postponed just before show open.

We're really disappointed to report that, having completed our preparations to attend the Boats 2020 and Ocean Village Boat Show events, Southampton City Council has withdrawn the licence for both events to operate on the evening before show start.

If you were planning to travel down to see us and the Cranchi and Maxima models we have on display, please pause your visit but do get in touch with us so we can make alternative arrangements. We'll be pleased to work out a way to provide an exclusive viewing. Email [email protected] or call us on 01933 551622 so that we can organise a safe socially distanced visit once we have the boats in a place where we can provide suitable access.

Also watch this space in case arrangements change again.

Socially distanced viewings at all offices

A reminder we can also offer socially distanced viewings across our UK network of offices. Please get in touch with the Tingdene Boat Sales branch responsible for the boat you are interested in to arrange an on-site viewing. Further details of socially-distanced boat viewings can be found here or contact our offices directly.

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