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Antaris, Maril & Makma

A range of 22 sloops, launches and cruisers to suit every use, location and desire


Dutch boatbuilder Antaris has every conceivable option covered in the popular market for 'sloepen' - open deck and cabin motorboat sloops that offer brilliant ways of getting afloat for day boating and weekending. Tingdene Boat Sales is an an expert in the sale and support of these pretty but practical motorboats.

There are three ranges to consider - Antaris, Makma, and Maril, covering a wide span of tenders, day boats and cabin sloops from 5.7m-10.5m. Every boat is built to exacting standards by Dutch craftsmen.


The decision you make when buying a sloop is not just any’s about your lifestyle and the demands you have on a boat. Antaris, Makma and Maril not only appeal to your emotions with great design and classical lines but also to many practical benefits, such as:

  • Traditional construction methods - suitable for tranquil inland use, fast coastal exploration, fishing excitement and enjoyment, weekending and holiday use
  • Excellent service near you - with 10 Tingdene Boat Sales locations and the UK importer, Bushnell Marine Services, a service location is never far away
  • Stability in value – being of a design a class apart from mass production, strong residues are ensured
  • Minimal maintenance – inboard shaft drive construction with diesel or electric propulsion
  • Superior sailing qualities for inland and coastal locations and competitive fixed prices
Antaris Sixty6 sloop motorboat on Dutch waters
Antaris Seventy7 cabin sloop motorboat Makma Tendervlet sloop Line up of three Maril 650 sloops Antaris Connery 28 cabin sloop


Antaris Fifty5 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Fifty5

The smallest sloop in the Antaris range still can comfortably accommodate eight in a stable modern hull design with classic lines. At just 1100kg the Antaris Fifty5 sloop is easily trailerable too.

Antaris Sixty6 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Sixty6

The Antaris Sixty6 sloop sports classical looks of a steep bow and rounded stern and has comfortable interior layout for up to 14 people. Its modern semi-displacement hull delivers a wide range of speeds, depending on engine option,

Antaris Seventy7 Sport from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Seventy7 Sport

Muscular topsides make a purposelike statement for the Antaris Seventy7 which, with the larger inboard diesel option specified, can exceed 40 knots and pull a waterskier or wakeboarder one minute, and potter along tranquil waters a moment later.

Antaris Seventy7 Cabin from Tingdene Boat Sales

Seventy7 Cabin

The Mediterranean melds with classical Dutch sloop design to create the Antaris Seventy7 Cabin, a great choice for entertaining guests during the day and weekending as a couple. Air draft of just 2.1m also allows lots of scope for exploring smaller waterways too.

Antaris Connery 20 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Connery 20

Chunky rope fendering and spacious interior accommodation with high, comfortable backrests to the seating are just two features to mark the compact, highly capable Antaris Connery 20 apart.

Antaris Connery 22 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Connery 22

Like other models in the Connery range, the semi-displacement 22 offers wide speed potential depending on chosen engine options, her classical simulated clinker topsides disguising the modern hull form beneath.

Antaris Connery 25 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Connery 25

The `Connery 25 tender sloop boasts her sisterships' classical look, wide range of diesel inboards and spacious interior layout but adds two model specific features - a an optional convertible sun lounger / doubkle bed and transom walk-though access to the bathing platform.

Antaris Connery 29 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Antaris Connery 29

Beautifully crafted in the style of a small ship, this Connery with a cabin offers sleeping for two with galley and separate bathroom forward, all the space you would expect of a sloop out in the open and a twin berth cabin aft. Air draft is a remarkable 1.53m and draft 0.75m.

Maril 570 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 570

A classic sloop with comfortable high back seating for up to six persons and plenty of practical touches, like integrated fender stowage under the boarding step.

Maril 625 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 625

Classical double-ended clinker hull with rope fendering, comfortable seating and an extra-quiet engine installation - what's not to like on the Maril 625 sloop?

Maril 725 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 725

Well sheltered seating for up to 10, plenty of stowage and a hull that tracks well at all speeds ensure the popularity of the Maril 725.

Maril 6 NXT from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 6 NXT

A Maril with a big difference, the 6NXT has the classical looks of the range but with a cleverly designed transom accessway out onto an integrated bathing platform.

Maril 650 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 650

Trimmed with teak, with spaces for optional fridge and toilet and finished to a high standard, the classical Maril 650 has an air draft of just 1m to limbo under the lowest bridges, as long as you duck!

>Maril 730 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 730

An extra low floor and high canopy make for great comfort for up to 10 people on the Maril 730, rain or shine.

Maril 795 Tender from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 795 Tender

With an integrated galley and separate toilet in an innovative heads compartment up in the bow the Maril 795 Tender shows that you can have all the comforts of home when day boating with up to 10 people or even when camping as a couple.

Maril 880 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 880

Flagship of the Maril open sloop range, the 880 has copious sheltered seating that can also convert to up to six berths under the canopy, plus a separate toilet compartment up under the foredeck.

Maril 880 Cabin from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 880 Cabin

The low coachroof of the Maril 880 Cabin barely hints at a comfortable convertible dinette / double berth, galley and separate bathroom beneath. Up on deck there's generous seating for up to eight.

Maril 950 Cruiser from Tingdene Boat Sales

Maril 950 Cruiser

There's a hint of classical sports cruiser about the Maril 950 Cruiser with her beautifully sculpted lines and rounded tumblehome. Her generous cabin provides a convertible double berth / dinette, separate seating, galley and separate wet room / toilet.

Makma Lounge Sloop from Tingdene Boat Sales

Makma Lounge Sloop

Tradition personified, the Makma Lounge Sloop offers comfortable day cruising potential for up to seven people with economical inboard diesel options.

Makma Tender from Tingdene Boat Sales

Makma Tender

The 7.25m Makma Tender offers a comprehensive experience for up to 10 people and includes integrated galley and toilet options and a walk though the reverse sheer transom to the bathing platform.

Makma Caribbean 31 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Makma Caribbean 31

A two-berth, highly stylised cruiser for sea and inland use with air draft of just 1.65 - that's the compelling package known as the Makma Caribbean 31.

Makma Caribbean 36 from Tingdene Boat Sales

Makma Caribbean 36

With berths for four people and great entertaining areas below and above decks, yet in a classical double ended sloop form, this is the ultimate Makma model for slow and higher speed explorations inland and at sea.