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The Jetten Shipyard experience

Setting trends in Dutch boatbuilding

Dutch steel and aluminium specialist boatbuilder Jetten Shipbuilding has been in existence since 1997 and producing its own highly acclaimed motor yachts since 2000. The company has built its success by combining traditional skills with contemporary practices and design. It aims always to exceeed expectations by ensuring that customers enjoy their vessels to the maximum. Jetten does this by applying experience, dilligence and the latest design and technology to each build.

Traditional, contemporary or custom - your choice

Jetten Shipyards offers no less than five different ranges spanning sizes from 11.6m to 21m and speeds from displacement to 22 knots to cater for every requirement from exploring rivers and lakes with constrained bridge clearances, to sea-going cruises and even ocean passages.

  • Jetten – the original series of aft cabin and aft cockpit models, perfect for sea and inland cruising
  • Bommelaer – strong design clues from classic gentleman's motor yachts and steamships from the 1930s, coupled with Category A seaworthiness and 21st Century build and technology
  • Custom Yachts – the ultimate opportunity for you to commission the precise build you want, in every detail, whether modern or traditional
  • MPC – all the contemporary curvy look, feel and fit out of the latest GRP motor yachts on a sturdy steel hull
  • Jetten Beach – award winning series of fast displacement boats capable of speeds up to 22 knots, built in aluminium with innovative layouts

Whichever model you choose, you are assured of the unique combination of Jetten's fastidious attention to every detail at its purpose built shipyard in the Netherlands, combined with Tingdene's highly capable and experienced network of boat sales offices across the UK to offer local advice and support.

Jetten Bommelaer 58 Sedan
Jetten 38 Cabrio Jetten Beach 45 Jetten 50 MPC FLY Jetten Custom Classic 70


Jetten 38 Cabrio from Jetten Shipyards

With a height of just 2.3m mast down and draft of 1m, the 38 Cabrio offers expansive accommodation in a sturdy Dutch steel motor yacht capable of exploring the quieter reaches of waterways in comfort.

Jetten 38AC from Jetten Shipyards

This spacious aft cabin motor yacht is offered as standard with double glazed panoramic windows giving excellent views from a finely finished interior fitted out to your specification. Perfect for UK rivers, seagoing and continental waterway adventures.

Jetten 41AC from Jetten Shipyards

With a mast down air draft of 3.1m the Jetten 41AC is well geared for inland and seagoing exploration, while a variety of interior layours featuring two or three separate sleeping cabins caters for all preferences.

Jetten 45AC from Jetten Shipyards

This is Dutch steel as you have never seen it before, with sculpted curves, hull-side windows and state-of-the-art Jetten fit out and attention to detail. Two and three cabin layouts available.

Jetten 42 MPC from Jetten Shipyards

Boasting 56% more floor space than a typical 50-footer and flooded with light from its modern, extensive glazing, the brilliantly styled and finished Jetten 42MPC can also limbo its way under very low bridges thanks to a 2.75m mast down air draft. Expect people to tap the hull to check that it really is made of sturdy steel.

Jetten 50 MPC from Jetten Shipyards

A clever combination of high quality steel construction with a GRP roof bestow CE Category A capability for the Vripack-designed 50 MPC. Interior specifications, three or four sleeping cabins and one or two engines are just some of many choices available to tailor this modern motor yacht to your exact requirements.

Jetten 50 MPC-FLY from Jetten Shipyards

A brilliantly sociable flybridge with central helm position and generous lounging adds to the already generous accommodation of the 50 MPC, while composite construction of the area above the superstructure window line enables CE Category A capability.

Jetten Beach 45 from Jetten Shipyards

Aluminium construction and an innovative Fast Displacement Hull Form from Van Oosenan providing speeds up to 22 knots and fuel savings of up to 20 per cent were just two reasons for the Jetten Beach 45 to win the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year Award in 2017. Cor D Rover's design provides maximum opportunity to enjoy the water whether at sea or taking advantage of a mast down air draft of just 2.9m to head up river.

Jetten Beach 45-FLY from Jetten Shipyards

The Jetten Beach 45-FLY has all of the advantages of its coupe styled stablemate, but adds even more socialising space on a brilliantly designed flybridge with mast down air draft still maintained to 3.5m.

Jetten Beach 65 from Jetten Shipyards

Masterful design, carefully crafted aluminium construction, oceans of open accommodation inside and out plus speed capability up to 22 knots and Jetten's attention to every detail make the Beach 65 a compelling proposition for anyone seeking the finest vessel in the 19m size range.

Jetten Beach 75 from Jetten Shipyards

Light floods every generous space of this 23m superyacht, which utilises Van Oossanen's Fast Displacement Hull Form to achieve speeds up to 22 knots and economic consumption that would be the envy of others in this class. Various layouts from 2-5 cabins and Jetten's immaculate attention to every detail also guarantee the Beach 75 will uniquely satisfying for every owner.

Jetten Bommelaer 47 Sedan from Jetten Shipyards

Designed in the Bommelerwaard district of the Netherlands and with a hint of the classic shipping lines of yore about her form, the Bommelaer 47 Sedan offers a highly compelling combination of low air draft with CE design Category A seaworthiness. Her luxurious interior includes a saloon that opens straight through to a canopied aft cockpit, a very practical arrangement for Northern European waters or warmer climes.

Jetten Bommelaer 52 Sedan from Jetten Shipyards

There cannot be many Category A seagoing motor yachts of over 50ft length that boast a mast down air draft of 2.82m. The Jetten Bommelaer 52 Sedan offers this, plus copious acres of beautifully detailed timber work throughout a very spacious interior. Generous diesel and water tank capacity will also encourage far ranging explorations, inland and at sea.

Jetten Bommelaer 58AC from Jetten Shipyards

The style of classic working vessels influences the Jetten Bommelaer 58AC to make a little ship that features quite extraordinary levels of accommodation, fore and aft. Engineering, design and specification provide the 50 with the capability to range far and wide across continents via rivers, seas and oceans.

Jetten Bommelaer 65 Bluewater from Jetten Shipyards

Classic Bommelaer lines meld with the more modern intepretations of trawler yachts to create this highly capable tri-deck vessel. As with all Jetten Shipyard new builds, a prospective owner of the Bommelaer 65 Blue Trawler can expect to spend time with Tingdene Boat Sales and Jetten Shipyard teams carefully specifying their ship to ensure it meets their exact expectations and requirements.

Gamma from Jetten Shipyards

The fully customised Gamma from Jetten Shipyards features modern lines that offers superyacht-like accommodation and options to highly personalise the vessel to the owner's preferences.

Custom Classic from Jetten Shipyards

There are some vessels that you know will turn heads every time they enter harbour and the extra-ordinary Jetten Custom Classic is one example of this rare breed. From her crow's nest and classically -styled wheelhouse to her stabilised easily driven round-bilge hull form, immaculately finished accommodation and serious long-distance cruising credentials, this is like owning a piece of history but with none of the limitations or maintenance headaches.

Custom Modern from Jetten Shipyards

Influenced by the Mercedes CLS Shooting Break, the 58ft Fidelio demonstrated Jetten Shipyard's ability to be able to create a ship that is as modern in its design execution as anything you will see on the water. Innovation abounds, from a superstructure designed to maintain a low centre of gravity but let copious light into generous accommodation spaces, to the hydraulically lowering stern section enabling the tender to be sailed right into its dock.

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